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General terms and conditions of business and delivery of the company Network Inventory Software

The following conditions apply to all products, deliveries and services of Network Inventory Software, hereinafter referred to as "software manufacturer", listed on this website.

Offer and conclusion of contract
All offers are subject to change. Delivery only while stocks last. The contract is concluded when the customer carries out the ordering process as provided on this website and receives a confirmation email from the software manufacturer.

Object of the contract and right of use
The subject of the contract is the granting or acquisition of usage licenses for the software offered by Network Inventory. The software including the manual is left to the customer on a data carrier. Use of the software is subject to the license agreement that comes with or is included with the software. The customer must agree to this license agreement, otherwise he is not authorized to use the software.

No binding delivery dates are promised. If the delivery is not made even after a period of three months after placing the order, the customer can set the software manufacturer a reasonable grace period and withdraw from the contract if the grace period expires without result. The customer can only claim damages due to non-fulfillment if the delivery is caused deliberately or through gross negligence.

Packaging, handling and shipping are included in the prices indicated. All payments to be paid are due immediately after delivery without deduction. In the event of late payment, interest of 5% above the respective key interest rate of the European Central Bank will be charged.

Proofe clause
All electronically processed registers with data stored in the software manufacturer's IT system on a permanent and unchangeable medium are permitted as evidence of data transfers, contracts and payments made between the parties.

Treatment of customer data
The customer agrees to the internal storage of the data specified in the order.

No side agreements have been made. Contract amendments are only effective if they are confirmed in writing. Should individual provisions of these general terms and conditions be ineffective in whole or in part, this does not affect the validity of the remaining conditions. Rather, the void provisions are replaced by what comes closest to the intended purpose. As far as this is permissible, the place of jurisdiction is the seat of the software manufacturer in the Federal Republic of Germany. German law applies.